Olympic mascot cagefight champion: Montreal 1976′s Amik the Beaver

Montreal Olympic mascot Amik the beaver

Amik, the Montreal Olympic beaver

Campaign: Montreal 1976 Olympic mascot
Client: Montreal Olympic Committee
Designers: Yvon Laroche Pierre-Yves Pelletier, Guy St-Arnaud, George Huel

Now THAT’s a mascot. No phallic resemblance. No CCTV-cameras-for-eyes. And no weird politically hypersensitive backstory about being two drops of molten iron from a steel girder in a country that has lost its manufacturing base. Just a cripplingly cute beaver. (Again, why London didn’t choose a fox, I’ll never know. It seems so blindingly obvious.)

Virgin Media, classy gents that they are, once described Amik as “one of the least-loved mascots of all time”, because they’re British and have no taste. Apparently they think Amik looks like a “derogatory hand gesture”. Hey, at least he doesn’t look like an engorged penis. I’m looking at you, Wenlock slash Mandeville. (And you’re looking right back, aren’t you, you saucy freaks?)

The question of who would win a cagefight is, as they say, a bit more complicated. Wenlock and Mandeville appear to have been imbued by their fiendish creators with the black magic to change size at will. And obviously they’re made of iron. But I propose that the following scenario is the most likely one: in a battle to the death, Amik would slowly gnaw at them until they were neat pyramids of iron filings, and then build a house.

I don’t normally get ramped up about the Olympics, let alone Canadian design, but CANADIAN WOMEN ARE BADASS ATHLETES AND OUR 36-YEAR-OLD BEAVER MASCOT KICKS ALL OTHER MASCOTS’ ASSES IN HALF

By which I mean, may the best team win in a spirit of convivial sporting celebration.

PS. If any of my family are reading, this is what I want for Christmas:

Amik stuffed toy

Via the very cool Olympic City Project


  1. a beaver with a gay flag? for real? I guess the mardi gras of 76 got a bit out of hand…. (though, Amik has got to be the ‘cutest’ name in olympic mascot history)

    Whereas it is way better than most olympic mascots, the little patriot in me has to defend Barcelona 92′s mascot:

    Is it a plane? is it a dog?
    no, it’s COBI: a naked asexual interspecies mascot. isn’t that what the games are all about?


    And yes, the fox thing… I guess that didn’t happen because they didn’t ask foreigners living in the UK what things do they think of when they think of London: for the same reason brits get shocked/freaked out when I point out to them that for me carpets in airports, single glazing, short sleeves in february, early clubbing and dipper-eating-foxes at night are more intrinsically british than tea-time or double deckers.

  2. Chris wrote:

    Can’t believe I failed to point out that out! You’re totally right, it’s an LGBT-friendly beaver, too. Extra cagefight points.
    Cobi is cute but appears to have no gnawing weapons, so Amik retains his title.
    A single-glazed window would have been a hilarious mascot, by the way.

  3. Dacyl Saco wrote:

    Hi my name is Dacyl I went to the 1976 Olympics Montreal Canada and I never bought the Olympics Mascot and I will love to buy it now. Please email me on how can I get it. Thanks. :)