We all have McDonald’s in common

McDonald's Parallel Lives

It’s like, we all breathe the same air

Client: McDonald’s
Campaign: Parallel Lives
Agency: Leo Burnett

By Jack Faulkner

A high-rise block of flats. A nice bunch of young lads, centring around one black chap, are listening to grime (on their phones, the young coves). They’re wearing snap backs and young-person T-shirts.

An old geezer walks by. His clothes are beige. He belongs to a distant era and a distant world. They have “nothing” in common. He is in his flat. He puts on a record and listens to some jazz.

The young chap is playing video games in a sunlit bedroom. He is with his pals. Smiles and Fifa. Generation Y are having a lovely inner-city time.

The old geezer? He is playing a spot of the old snooker. What is he anyway? What demographic? Generation F? This man predates everything.

The young chaps are grooming, cutting their hair with clippers. Is that what generation Y does? The old geezer goes to the barber; people old and young get haircuts.

Wait, we’re in a McDonald’s – and who’s in there at the same time? The young chaps, with our hero, are eating their burgers, and he’s poured his chips in the other side of the box. Wait, hello, is the old geezer not doing just the same thing? Boom! They’re not so different are they?

People young and old eat Big Macs. The old geezer and the young feller are brothers in arms. They have so much in common. They are grounded by a love for relatively inexpensive meals, which are available locally. McDonald’s breaks down age and lifestyle barriers. The young feller and old geezer love the familiarity of the burger chain. You are the “man on Clapham omnibus”, and so is your neighbour, even if he has different skin colour, taste in music and even if he is an old bugger. Break down the cynical walls of societal norms. We’re all the same, we all like music and eating burgers and we all um, breathe air. We’re basically twins.

McDonald’s doesn’t want a demographic. They don’t want generation Y or fusty old geezers. They want the entire bleeding world. Everyone is the same and everyone wants to eat at McDonald’s. Apparently.

• In April 2012, Jack Faulkner wrote about whether Stephen Fry is the de facto Queen of England.


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